Jan 12, 2011

Voxel SG presents at Drupal 7 release party in Indonesia

Ansley Kilgore

Voxel SG Presents at Drupal 7 Release Party in IndonesiaSaying that I had a great time presenting at the Drupal 7 Release Party is an understatement. This event was sponsored by skyshi.com and inkuiri.com, and it’s great to see so many Indonesian people, like myself, excited about the bright future of Drupal with it’s formidable release, “Version 7”.  There were more than 120 enthusiastic people there for the event, and many topics were covered, including some of the great features of Drupal 7:

  • Integrated Admin interface
  • Much Faster Performance than Drupal 6
  • Ability to define custom content structure and more…

During my presentation I showed the newly redesigned Voxel website, all built using Drupal 7.  There was a lot of interest on how to deploy Drupal on a cloud computing platform like Voxel’s VoxCLOUD.   So I took the opportunity to show some of the features we are using to power Voxel’s site, including:

  • Load Balancing with VoxCLOUD between our New York and Singapore cloud centers
  • Leveraging a global MySQL Master/Slave replication setup using Drupal’s database abstraction layer
  • How offloading content to the VoxCAST CDN helps improve performance for global users.  We covered several approaches to handling CDN with Apache, including Voxel’s own mod_cdn
  • Team Development guidelines with Drupal Development (Voxel’s web team is split between New York, Singapore and Indonesia!).

In the coming weeks, we’ll be diving deep into these specifics topics in order to highlight techniques for supercharging your Drupal site using Voxel hosting services — we’ve been working with Drupal 7 since the early alpha days and we’re really happy with Drupal’s full release and have plenty of tricks that we’re ready to share.   We’re also excited to see that the Drupal folks considered Voxel’s site design to be the best yet for Drupal 7 and featured us on the Drupal 7 homepage, so hats off to our designer, Felix Widjaja and Whiteboard Media, for making the site really easy on the eyes.

Also I want to sent a few props out to some people like Viking Karwur, who represents Mozilla Indonesia, and claimed that he’d never seen such enthusiasm in his company’s events like we had at the Drupal 7 Indonesia launch. Also, the CEOs of two non-affiliated websites, Filmoo.com and Komikoo.com, both of which have started to gain attention in Indonesia. Nokia Indonesia rep Erick also showed some support at the gathering organized by our local Drupal expert, Rizqinofa.  Thanks guys for making such an awesome event!

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