Jan 19, 2012

What do sports and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) have in common?

Ansley Kilgore

Well, both require speed, agility and teamwork to get the “W.” Just as a football player needs speed to run faster than his opponent to reach the end zone, a CDN needs speed to deliver content across a worldwide network to users that are hungry for video and feature-rich websites.  While a hockey player uses his agility to get the puck past other quick-skating players, a CDN also uses its agility with route optimization technology to get around the inherent delays and blockage points of the Internet. And of course, any sports team that expects to win requires dedication to teamwork, just as a CDN has a full team of technicians committed to 24/7 customer support.

Companies looking for a CDN should look for more than just an IT provider, they need a team player with speed and agility to deliver the win. That’s why when flexxCOACH, a leader in next-generation sports e-learning, started looking for a game plan to get their on-demand sports training program off the ground, they turned to Internap’s 100% uptime guaranteed CDN service with built-in route optimization and TCP acceleration.

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