Jan 30, 2013

What does an online gamer look like?

Ansley Kilgore

online gamerIt’s well-known that the online gaming industry is evolving quickly, and is poised for exponential growth within the next few years. For online game publishers, the key
to success involves more than just brilliant new ideas for games, characters or superpowers. It’s also essential for online gaming companies to establish the IT Infrastructure required to deliver the optimal user experience, and to have a clear understanding of the constantly-changing market demographics. Overlooking either one of these can spell doom for your competitive advantage.

The evolution of the online gaming industry goes hand in hand with the evolution of technology. Online gaming infrastructure must be able to support the demands of mobile gaming, and meet the expectations of gamers’ “anytime, anywhere” mentality. With the right gaming infrastructure in place, online video game providers can create more than games – they can also create an exceptional user experience and strategic competitive advantage.

Know your audience
What do these gamers look like? Just as the gaming industry is advancing, the characteristics of online gamers are changing rapidly as well. It’s important to stay current on the demographic trends of players within the massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) genre, so that new games and products can be designed for the right audience. Game developers who understand the preferences of their players will have the best chance of success and sustainability for their business.

The characteristics of online gamers may not be what you think. To learn more about their attributes, check out our infographic on the Changing Face of Online Gaming.

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