Sep 28, 2012

What’s your number – and I’m not referring to your “Bacon number”


It seems these days we are driven by numbers, numbers of all kinds and impacting us in any number of ways. Is your number the number of votes it will take to elect a new president come November (less than 40 days away)? Or is it about model numbers – the new iPhone 5 for example, which launched this week resulting in what is now being called “iPhone Scuffgate”? Since I’m in the middle of refinancing, the number that is most important to me at the moment is the prime rate number, which continues to drop to record lows — creating a positive impact for me.

You’ve probably heard about Google (which, turned 14 yesterday — a number important to them, I’m sure) unveiling its “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” No? Try it: Type in the Google search box the name of a celebrity, plus the phrase “Bacon Number” (without the quotation marks) and — well, see for yourself.

For many, there is another number that is transforming the business world. The top 3 trends in technology, namely mobility, cloud computing and big data. Is your business ready for the revolution that is upon us? Read on as to the number of ways these trends are influencing business planning for the future:

Oh, and finally, if you are looking for the right partner to implement the right IT Infrastructure strategy to address these top 3 technology trends, then look no further. Chat with us to get expert counsel on the right product solutions to meet your needs.

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