Sep 18, 2017

When Should I Use a Hosted Private Cloud?


In our eBook, 4 Economic Benefits of Hosted Private Cloud, we highlighted the differences between a hosted private cloud and an on-premise private cloud. In this blog, let’s explore the question: When should you use a Dedicated Hosted Private Cloud?

In a hosted private cloud model, the infrastructure, data center facilities, power and cooling and a variety of services and security options are provided by a service provider. Conversely, with an on-premise private cloud model, the infrastructure, data center facilities, power and cooling are provided by your IT staff.

Hosted Private Cloud Considerations

When choosing a hosted private cloud, consider the options and functionality of both virtual private cloud (VPC) and dedicated private cloud (DPC) solutions and the importance of each to your application and IT resources.

What Are Virtual Private Clouds?

VPCs are multi-tenant, logically isolated cloud computing environments. Use cases where VPCs make sense include applications that have significant variable computing resource usage, do not require physical isolation of data for security purposes or smaller deployments that cannot justify dedicated hardware.

What Are Dedicated Private Clouds?

DPCs are fully isolated single tenant hardware nodes dedicated and customized for a single client, providing on premise experience coupled with the benefits of the cloud. DPCs offer dedicated compute and firewall resources to the client and the ability to access the underlying hypervisor. DPCs are ideal for large environments, compute/memory intensive and legacy applications, complex architectures, highly customized configurations or applications that require the physical isolation of data for security purposes.   

Let’s dig into some of the key attributes of a Hosted Dedicated Private Cloud in more detail.

Secure, Dedicated Compute and Networking Infrastructure

The DPC compute and network infrastructure is 100 percent dedicated to you. No risk of a noisy neighbors rogue application consuming shared compute or network resources.This becomes important for applications that are compute and memory intensive or if you have PCI or HIPAA compliance requirements. Shield Managed Security included free with all private cloud hosting solutions. Upgrade option to Shield Plus for advanced network and application-level security.

Rightsizing and Investment Protection

Solution design and rightsized environments mean you won’t overpay for resources you don’t need — a proven mechanism for reducing server sprawl. Typical DPC deployments have a minimum of 2-3 nodes and are running at least 30 virtual machines. We’ve found that smaller deployments would be more economical on our Hosted Virtual Private Cloud platform. Spin up unlimited VMs at no additional charge. You only pay for the reserved cloud resources providing a predictable model with flexibility to scale for special projects or growth.

Every INAP Hosted Dedicated Private Cloud is purpose-built from the ground up and starts with a Free Private Cloud Architecture Consultation by our expert engineering team to custom design your DPC and ensure it meets your requirements.

Flexible Managed Services You Control

Managed services allow IT teams to focus on tasks and projects that move the business forward as opposed to simply “keeping the lights on.” Leverage our expertise and remove the burden of routine infrastructure and OS management from your IT organization’s support queues. With INAP, you’re always in control. We offer flexible managed services — fully managed or co-managed. Let us do the busywork. Take over whenever you need.

As you evaluate your requirements and use cases, other questions will arise and we’re here to help, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

Updated: January 2019

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