Feb 22, 2012

Words fly away, writings remain; as will the IT department


Words fly away, writings remain; as will the IT departmentAnother week and a lot of topics have been trending in the IT industry. This week I am going to focus our mashup of industry news on the future of IT departments. Last week my mashup included the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding cloud security. Much the same has been said about the future need of an in-house IT staff.

Fear not. With the ever-increasing mass of cloud and managed hosting solutions, many have weighed in on the fact that there is still a need for staff, even if maintaining company IT systems is drastically reduced.

Recent articles about this subject include:

Bottom line: most agree cloud and managed hosting solutions will free up IT staff. But the good news is “executives are increasingly seeing IT as a potential way to address problems across all parts of the company” and “staff can now work on projects that more directly drive profitability” for their companies.

Have ideas for a future weekly mashup? Please let me know. I’ll be back next week with another compilation of the latest trending news in our industry.

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