Mar 28, 2012

Would WPO be Your Weapon of Choice in the Hunger Games?


While our Mashup Maven, Stephanie, continues to bask in the glow of sunlight on her vacation, I’m here again this week, covering her beat.

I don’t know what you did over the weekend, but like millions of others, I went to the opening night of The Hunger Games movie, the first of three best-selling young adult novels by author Suzanne Collins.  The movie made history as the third-highest grossing domestic film opening and the highest-grossing debut for a non-sequel.  With many more Hunger Game (HG) films in the making, I began wondering how retail businesses would monetize the fan frenzy. As an online retailer, you may have a game plan for leveraging the success of this latest craze, but you may be wondering how to ensure the best possible experience for your end users. By implementing Website Performance Optimization technologies you can avoid boost performance and increase revenue.

If you aren’t sold on the HG hype, don’t take my word for it:

‘Hunger Games’ gorges on $214 million global debut

Hot Topic Gets Hunger Games Lift But May Not Last

‘Hunger Games’ stocks gain after record weekend

Hoards of Hunger Game fans have an appetite for Merchandise and Social Media Marketing

Using WPO Technologies to Derive Positive ROI

May the odds ever be in your favor, but just to make sure, check out if WPO could help your business emerge victorious? Check out our infographic: WTH is up with your WPO.

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