Feb 10, 2015

Customer Spotlight: AudienceScience empowers brands with high-performance infrastructure

Ansley Kilgore

Audience ScienceAs an enterprise advertising technology company, AudienceScience strives to give large global brands better control and transparency over their digital ad campaigns. The company recently launched AudienceScienceĀ® Helios, a SaaS-based enterprise advertising management platform that empowers advertisers and marketers with the ability to control their online data and directly measure the value of digital advertising programs.

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AudienceScience has experienced significant growth recently — the number of transactions processed on its platform has increased 1100% in the past year. The company has also expanded its global business presence with the addition of new offices in Brazil and India, bringing their total number of worldwide locations to eight. To ensure the best performance for their growing customer base, AudienceScience recently expanded its global infrastructure footprint as well.

Unique performance demands

To successfully process and deliver targeted digital ads in real time, companies in the ad tech industry must establish a reliable, high-performance infrastructure with extremely low latency. The ability to store, analyze and deliver large amounts of data while ensuring timely ad delivery is crucial for effective ad conversion. With the sophisticated consumer targeting capabilities offered by the AudienceScience platform, workloads are becoming more and more data-intensive, which makes consistent performance a critical aspect of their ad tech infrastructure.

Scalability and control

Given the substantial increase in media transactions on its platform during the past year, AudienceScience has expanded its colocation footprint to include three U.S. and four international sites. The company recently added colocation and Performance IPTM services in five Internap facilities, including Dallas, Seattle, Secaucus, N.J., Amsterdam and Singapore, and also expanded existing services in Frankfurt and Hong Kong. With colocation services in Internapā€™s high-density data centers, AudienceScience can efficiently scale to meet future demand without having to invest in new footprints. The ability to own all its hardware gives the company increased control over the development of their technology platform.

Geographic diversity

A valuable feature for AudienceScience Helios customers is the ability to create and manage targeted campaigns from anywhere in the world. Establishing infrastructure locations in close proximity to customers and partners can further reduce latency and improve performance of real-time, data-driven transactions.

With global colocation services and route-optimized IP from Internap, AudienceScience is well positioned to accommodate future growth and support the needs of digital marketers and brands worldwide.

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