Nov 18, 2014

OpenStack public cloud: Announcing A1.16 and B1.16 instances


OpenStackInternap is happy to introduce two new instances for its OpenStack-powered public cloud, AgileCLOUD. With increased CPU, RAM and storage capabilities, these new instances offer customers enhanced choice to better meet performance and scalability demands.

As part of the Series A flavors, the new A1.16 instance comes configured with 16vCPU, 16GB RAM and 320GB of ephemeral SSD storage. Instances such as this are ideal for small to medium-sized databases and websites that require moderate network throughput.

For more demanding workloads requiring additional memory and higher network throughput, the new B1.16 instance is a better fit. It comes configured with 16 vCPUs with dedicated threads, 60GB RAM and 320GB of ephemeral SSD storage. Like the other Series B flavors, the new B1.16 instance also offers SSD-based persistent storage for specific storage needs.

Global Availability

The recent expansion of Internap’s OpenStack-powered public cloud footprint to Amsterdam enables A1.16 and B1.16 instances to be immediately available in Europe as well as Internap’s Dallas facility. With capability to also manage OpenStack cloud through an integrated Horizon dashboard, Internap now delivers greater flexibility and advanced cloud management features to all developers and enterprise customers.

Download the AgileCLOUD data sheet for more information about new instances for Linux and Windows.

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