Sep 29, 2015

Cloud total cost of ownership: The impact of performance

Ansley Kilgore

Cloud_SpectatorCompanies evaluating cloud services have the difficult task of finding a cost-efficient provider that best meets their workload needs. But one thing many organizations fail to consider is the impact of cloud performance on total cost of ownership (TCO).

In a recent webinar, Cloud Spectator pointed out that even comparable cloud offerings could have big discrepancies. Without evaluating price-performance and conducting benchmark tests, companies could end up paying much more than initially anticipated.

So how can businesses make the right decision and move to the cloud with confidence?

Performance and cost assessment of cloud services

To generate a more accurate assumed cost of cloud services, conduct performance tests to get a better apples-to-apples comparison. Making a buying decision based on price alone can end up costing twice the annual amount that you assumed, if the provider has poor performance.

Just as businesses are unique and have specific requirements, clouds are also unique. Conducting performance tests across different providers will help standardize the comparison and make it easier to see which provider delivers a cost or performance advantage once all factors are normalized. Benchmark testing can streamline the decision-making process and ensure that companies choose the optimal cloud computing infrastructure for the best price.

To demonstrate how this approach works in a real-world scenario, Cloud Spectator presented a case study in their webinar, Moving to the Cloud with Confidence. After determining performance requirements and VM sizes needed, Cloud Spectator analyzed multiple cloud providers to find the one that offered the best price-performance advantage.

For more information on evaluating cloud solutions, download the Cloud Buyer’s Guide.

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