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Management of Cloud Services with In-House IT Systems

The evolution of cloud computing, big data and widespread mobile device use has significantly changed the IT landscape. As companies continue migrating to the cloud, they often run into unexpected management issues regarding the integration of cloud services with in-house IT systems. Organizations are challenged to bridge the gap that exists between internal technologies, traditional hosting solutions and the cloud.

Businesses facing new technology challenges need to unify their infrastructure solutions to better manage their applications and workloads. This often means finding ways to connect internal, cloud and colocation services into a seamless configuration.

Next-Generation Colocation
Next-generation colocation solutions support high-density computing, unified management portals and hybridization of IT infrastructure. These capabilities enable organizations to integrate technology systems, data and applications to provide an optimal end-user experience and are often the first step towards transitioning away from on-premise infrastructure.

Colocation has traditionally been viewed as a commoditized and standardized service, but high-density power, remote management and hybridized infrastructure have created significant differentiation in the market.

Understanding these technologies and how they can help you better serve your end users and drive operational efficiencies is an essential step in identifying the right colocation provider.

Benefits of Next-Gen Colocation

High-density colocation facilities offer power upwards of 20kW per cabinet, which can accommodate much more equipment in the same space.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools or portals provide a unified interface, which allows integrated management of the entire IT infrastructure portfolio through a single pane of glass.

Control of Infrastructure
Most organization have a hybridized infrastructure, which creates a substantial need to unify technology operations across all platforms and integrate data and application workflows. Next-generation colocation providers offer a central management platform and integrated network for a more efficient, manageable environment by unifying cloud, colocation and managed hosting systems under a single-service umbrella.