HorizonIQ Helps IREX Enhance Public Safety with GPU-Powered AI

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Expanding IREX’s Ethical AI with Advanced GPU Nodes

Location: Dallas, Texas

Project: GPU Node Integration for Enhanced AI Gun Detection

Applications: Real-time video analytics for security across campuses, malls, and airports in Texas and California

The Company

IREX is at the forefront of developing ethical AI solutions to improve public safety. With the increasing prevalence of gun violence in the United States, the need for efficient and reliable weapon detection systems has never been greater.

Its innovative Gun Detection Technology uses advanced AI to provide real-time alerts and enhance response times in critical situations. The technology is deployed across high-risk areas, including schools, malls, airports, and other public spaces.

IREX’s Gun Detection System is built to detect incidents such as perimeter intrusions, active shooters, and wanted criminals with a 99% probability within the first 25 seconds. The system leverages IREX’s Ethical Face Recognition Technology to identify wanted criminals and alert authorities immediately.

About the IREX AI Gun Detection System

In 2020, over 19,500 gun-related homicides were recorded in the USA, and in 2021, this number rose to over 20,900 cases. The number of mass shootings has doubled from 2019 to 2021, with a 52% increase in the last year alone.

IREX’s Gun Detection Technology aims to address this alarming trend by reducing response times and enabling proactive measures in critical situations.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Threat Detection: Detects incidents such as perimeter intrusions, active shooters, and wanted criminals within 25 seconds.

  • Real-Time Alerts: Notifies staff, law enforcement, or designated individuals in real-time, ensuring immediate response.

  • Optimized for Various Environments: Effective across schools, malls, airports, oil terminals, pipelines, and gas stations.

The Challenge

IREX needed to enhance its computational capabilities to support more extensive and sophisticated neural networks. These enhancements were necessary to improve the accuracy of weapon detection over greater distances from the cameras.

IREX also required a solution that could seamlessly integrate into their existing infrastructure and support CPU-based video analytics for international clients without GPU capabilities.

The Solution

HorizonIQ provided IREX with a solution tailored to their specific use case. By integrating new GPU nodes into the IREX bare metal instance in its Dallas data center, HorizonIQ boosted the computational power available to IREX.

These GPU nodes are now integrated into IREX’s private cloud, providing a secure and controlled environment for real-time weapon detection across various high-risk locations in Texas and California. The private cloud architecture not only enhances data security and privacy but also allows IREX to run larger neural networks. This improves the accuracy and range of their weapon detection technology for more effective surveillance and faster response times—while maintaining strict control over sensitive data.

The solution also supports CPU video analytics on Intel and AMD processors to offer a cost-effective alternative to relying solely on GPUs. This hybrid approach reduces operational costs and enables IREX to cater to overseas clients with limited budgets or without the technical infrastructure to integrate GPUs into their local data centers.

By leveraging both CPUs and GPUs, IREX can now deliver high-performance AI applications while optimizing costs and maintaining flexibility and scalability in its security solutions.

“We are very satisfied by the partnership. HorizonIQ provided IREX with highly optimized bespoke bare metal configurations, at a very competitive price point. We appreciate the agility with which HorizonIQ can ramp up the infrastructure.”

– Nik Ptitsyn, CTO of IREX

Implementation and Results

With the integration of HorizonIQ’s GPU nodes within a private cloud environment, IREX has been able to:

  • Expand Computational Capacity: Support larger neural networks for improved detection accuracy.

  • Enhance Data Processing: Utilize CPU video analytics for clients without GPU capabilities.

  • Improve Scalability and Efficiency: Achieve quicker ramp-up times for infrastructure and maintain competitive pricing.

The partnership between HorizonIQ and IREX exemplifies how tailored technological solutions can significantly enhance public safety through advanced AI capabilities.

By providing tailored GPU and CPU configurations, HorizonIQ has empowered IREX to deliver more accurate and efficient weapon detection systems—aimed at saving lives and improving security across various high-risk environments.

Looking Ahead

IREX plans to continue leveraging HorizonIQ’s infrastructure to expand its services. Our collaboration aims to bridge the gap between current security needs and future technological advancements for safer communities through innovative AI solutions.

For more information about IREX and its AI-powered security solutions, visit the IREX website.

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