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Nov 17, 2020

Tech Terms Through the Ages [Infographic]

Laura Vietmeyer, Managing Editor

Can you imagine a world where “cyberspace” or “information superhighway” were the preferred terms over “internet”? Believe it or not, both words pre-date the latter by a several years. And fortunately, by the time “junk-email” became a thing 1986, we already had the ability to “unsubscribe,” which was a term first coined in 1981. It’s interesting to trace the origin of tech terms over the past several decades, and has made it easier than ever.

Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler tool, which was first unveiled in 2017, is making the rounds again on social media as users share the most entertaining words that debuted the year they were born. There is also some buzz around social distancing and socially distance, which were first seen in print in 2003 and 1984 respectively.

Below, we’ve compiled a timeline of tech terms dating back to 1975. Merriam has dated these terms by “First Known Use,” noting that each term is dated by the earliest recorded use in English that their editors were able to discover.

INAP Tech Words Through the Ages


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Laura Vietmeyer

Managing Editor

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Nov 11, 2020

3 Reasons You Need INAP’s Next-Generation Dedicated Private Cloud in Your Hybrid Infrastructure Mix

Wendy Williams, Product Manager, Private Cloud and Security Services

The best hybrid infrastructure strategies allow companies to carefully chart their cloud journeys based on the needs of their applications and workloads. There’s a lot of space in between a hyperscale platform and an on-premise data center, including solutions that embrace the agility and performance of public clouds while providing granular environmental control and access to leading managed security for your infrastructure mix.

Dedicated Private Clouds (DPCs) are an ideal alternative to hyperscale public cloud platforms, especially for enterprises seeking to satisfy stringent industry compliance requirements, consolidate data centers, host legacy applications or stand-up disaster recovery environments.

This week, INAP is thrilled to introduce the latest release of our Dedicated Private Cloud solution. This next-generation DPC solution is a VMware-based platform carefully rightsized for a range of applications, and for the first time, is backed by the transparency and simplicity of INAP Intelligent Monitoring, our premium managed cloud monitoring service. Intelligent Monitoring has been expanded to provide transparent visibility into infrastructure and application performance to private cloud customers, all within INblue, INAP’s easy-to-use infrastructure management platform.

Let’s explore the reasons why you need INAP’s fully managed DPC solution in your hybrid infrastructure mix.

Change the Game with Intelligent Monitoring

INAP Intelligent Monitoring for DPC, powered by VMware vRealize® Operations Manager, provides real-time visibility into the health of your infrastructure and applications through a set of intuitive dashboards. We created Intelligent Monitoring for a number of reasons, including to help streamline the actions that follow alerts and to provide transparency into the management of your infrastructure.

Jim Aluotto, Senior Director for VMware’s Cloud Provider Business, Americas Region, highlighted the value-add the VMware vRealize Operations Manager’s integration into our managed private cloud platform. “The technology empowers customers who want to spend less time monitoring and maintaining their cloud infrastructure, but still require granular visibility of both the environment and the critical work their solution provider manages for them.”

Originally released in 2019 for INAP’s Bare Metal platform, Intelligent Monitoring combines expert technical support with unequaled visibility and control. Intelligent Monitoring for our next-generation DPC solution provides detailed dashboards that track the overall health of your environment, including utilization metrics for hosts, virtual machines and datastores. When monitoring thresholds trigger, you will be notified along with our certified INAP cloud technicians, who will proactively resolve many issues. You can track the progress and follow workflows every step of the way via INAP’s INblue infrastructure management platform.

Get the Flexibility to Achieve New Levels of Performance

DPCs are easy transitions from on-premise environments given the amount of configuration flexibility they offer. The INAP team will ensure that the solution is rightsized for your applications, beginning with a complimentary assessment of your current environment. The team can then validate infrastructure suitability for your applications.

This flexibility, paired with the transparency of Intelligent Monitoring, will reduce your time spent maintaining infrastructure without you having to choose between control, compliance or performance. Predict and prevent issues, monitor and troubleshoot application performance faster, automate capacity planning and increase your forecast accuracy with our next-generation DPC.

Fuel Your Business Growth, We’ve Got Your Infrastructure Covered

Focus on business needs and reduce your time spent managing infrastructure with INAP managed cloud services. From onboarding and deployment to ongoing maintenance and optimization, with a fully managed DPC, our certified VMware cloud experts are an extension of your team. We manage network connectivity, storage and the underlying infrastructure so you can focus on the VM and application layer.

INAP’s DPCs are single-tenant environments with private network segmentation, DDoS protection and mitigation, isolated security zones and account security. Managed VMware NSX® Edge™ firewalls enable high-availability network security and premium performance. Additionally, as a DPC customer, you can increase your security posture with INAP Shield Managed Security services, powered by Alert Logic managed detection and response (MDR).

Our next generation DPC was also designed with compliance in mind. It is the ideal solution to support any PCI-DSS and HIPAA requirements you may have for your infrastructure solutions.

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Wendy Williams

Product Manager, Private Cloud and Security Services

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Nov 3, 2020

Open for Business: INAP’s London Data Center


Updated November, 2020

Back in August of 2018, HorizonIQ announced a multiyear alliance with Colt Data Centre Services, which included the build-out of a standalone, self-contained Tier 3-equivalent data center space in Colt’s North London facility. This London data center offers our extensive portfolio of high-density colocation, cloud and network services in this space, including Performance IP®, our patented automated route optimization engine.

This state-of-the-art facility features the robust capabilities you’d expect of a premium, Tier 3-design data center, including:

  • 1 MW total power, 33 MVA power capacity and up to 12 kW of power per rack
  • 350 tons of cooling capacity
  • Carrier-neutral with a wide variety of options (Colt, CenturyLink, BT, Verizon, Zayo, SSE, Virgin Media, AT&T, Vodafone)
  • Key card access, 24/7/365 onsite personnel and video surveillance with 30-day video retention
  • PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type II and ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certifications

Interested in learning more? Download the London data center spec sheet [PDF].


This post was originally published Dec. 13, 2018

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